YDG 413 – Fingerprint, PinCode Glass Door Lock

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  • Multiple Access Options
  • Receive alert notifications
  • Auto-lock and unlock as you come and go


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PIN Code
Remote Control
Mechanical Key

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Yale YDG 413 smart lock for glass doors,  offers various access solutions: Fingerprint, Pin Code and Mobile App Access.

Clip Type Bracket (for Glass Doors 9-13 mm thickness) – installation convenience is improved by the clip type bracket with strong 3M double-side tape.

Fingerprint Access- 20 Users
Easy Scan conveniently reads a fingerprint in one touch for easy access.

Pin Code Access
With YDG 413, you do not have to worry about carrying anything with you. Even if you have forgotten everything, just type  in your PIN and the door is unlocked.

Smart Keypad
Keypad wakes up with palm touch and operations indicated with various patterns of light, i.e. Wrong Password.

Multi-User Mode
For multi-user environments YDG413 operates on Security (Master) mode where only the master user has access to   register/delete individual users, Set Passwords etc… while Normal mode allows access to all users.

Auto Lock
If you sometimes forget to lock your door, now you can set your YDG413 to self-lock 5 seconds after you close the door – so you never have to worry whether you remembered to lock your door again. ( Manual operation is also available)

One Time Password
Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.

Code Scrambling
If you want to use your PIN code you are concerned someone is watching the numbers you type in, you can scramble your code to make it much harder to follow. Just type in some random numbers before or after your actual code and the lock will still operate – but the number will be much harder to remember!

Long Battery Life
YDG 413 Glass Lock uses Alkaline AA batteries, which will run on an average of 3500 open & close cycles.

Emergency Power
Even if your YDG413 loses all its power, you can just attach a standard 9 V battery to the connector point that will bring back all the usual features of your lock, giving you access to your home.

Low Battery Alert
Low battery alert gives you a simple audible and visual alerts to let you know when the batteries are getting low – giving you plenty of time to change your batteries.

It can be used on Glass doors with thickness 9 to 13 mm. Its easy to install as you d0 not need to drill holes through your glass door for installation.

Your YDG413will keep out most burglars, but what if they try to break it with a hammer. Our built-in loud alarm will sound as soon as it is attacked, letting everyone know and scaring the burglar away.

Safe Thumb Turn
The Thumb turn knob can only be turned  if the user simultaneously pushes the two buttons affixed on it. This offers high security compared to a normal knob.

Force Locked Alarm
If you are going away and know you will not be using your door for a while, our force locked mode means that anyone who operates the door without deactivating it will set off the alarm. So even if the burglar breaks in through a window – they can’t open the front door to move things out without sounding the alarm.

Glass to Glass requires YDG 413 OS as well ( Available under Accessory Section)

Technical Specification
  • Alarm Break Damage: Yes
  • Auto Locking: Yes
  • Door Thickness in mm: 9-13 mm
  • Fingerprint: Yes
  • Integeration with VDP: No
  • Manual Key: No
  • Model Type: Glass Door Lock
  • PINCodes: Yes

Delivery Terms:

  • Colombo 1 to 15 – Free of charge
  • Out of Colombo – Chargers may apply (Per 1kg – Rs. 450.00/ Additional per kg – Rs. 150.00)
  • Delivery within 3 to 5 working days

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PIN Code

Remote Control

Mechanical Key


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